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Saturday, September 21st

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Fade Fit is a health and fitness brand that was created by radio personality Kris Fade. It all started with his own fitness journey when he realized that he needed a change in his lifestyle. Kris Fade took his fans and followers along his fitness journey using the hashtag #FadeFit. He soon realized that many people became inspired and were also tagging #FadeFit when working out and eating healthy. It started a community of thousands who wanted motivation and that also wanted to motivate others. 

Kris then turned to UFC Gym and other participants to create 2 free seminar and workout events that took place in 2017. The seminar event was a day of learning and motivation with talks from a nutritionist, health professionals. fitness trainers, and inspirational speakers who shared their stories and struggles with the audience. At the workout event, UFC Gym opened their doors to families with a 1 hour workout session with highly trained professionals. 

In April 2018, the Fade Fit brand grew further, with Kris Fade developing his own line of healthy kids snacks called, Fade Fit Kids. 


Fade Fit Seminar
February 11th 2017


Fade Fit Workout